Superstition and Personification

Off the bat I have to state that I am a fairly normal 41 yr old who doesn’t hold any particular religious beliefs. I have come to learn that Karma, isn’t actually a bitch, works and should be respected. This doesn’t stop me from believing such things as my car stereo‘s playlist knowing that it is about to be replaced and therefore has started playing tunes that I really like.

Go on, read that again, and try not to laugh at my madness. Allowing me to explain. I have an ipod connected to my car radio, upon which I have approximately 5500 tracks, many duplicates, in a random rotation. I can often spend a 25 minute drive skipping songs and only listening to two or three songs during the whole trip. So many songs, many from compilation albums containing songs I don’t know or like, it’s fun for a while but you start to miss listening to music after a while. So this weekend I started to build a new playlist to put in the car. It will be possibly 200 songs or so, but hand picked with songs that I will listen to. I am convinced that my car, and through it, my car ipod knows this and in order to appease me spent the drive to work this morning playing all songs that I like. There can be no other rational explanation for it!

I am not that great at mathematics that I can work out the odds on having five or six songs that I really like playing during the same drive from a playlist of 5500 but they must be in the millions. Perhaps the Discworld saying is true, “One chance in a million usually happens nine times out of ten”. Therefore it is much more plausible that my car ipod (classic with no bluetooth) can magically communicate with my computer.

After a little research, or looking on Google, I find that the word that describes what I do is Personification. It assigns human, or personal, traits to objects that do not have them. We probably all do it in some way, giving our car a name and thinking it has a personality, giving our pets emotions such as being pissed off, which I am sure cats do but not because of anything the owners do! Some people name their favourite gun “Vera”. While I don’t name my computer, I have been known to try and sweet talk it into working when something is going wrong.

We, I am assuming that you are with me on this, are not alone! Two of the most famous guitarists have named their guitars. BB King’s 335 is Lucile and Eric Clapton‘s original Strat was named Blackie. Dukes of Hazzard! Yep, they named their car! Han Solo talked to the Millennium Falcon. This is more common than you think! Look at the Lord of the Rings, everything seems to have a name in it!

Does this mean that I will mercilessly delete the current playlist, ignoring the desperate pleas for sanctuary from never heard tracks, simply so that I might listen to Moby and Def Leppard more than I currently do? Damn right!

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