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It seems that more and more people are getting tattoos, or is it that they are just more visible now?

I have two tattoos ‘at present’, the ‘at present’ is a key phrase that I will explain later. I have a small Welsh dragon on the back of my shoulder and a Robbie the Robot on my arm. I had wanted the dragon since I had been 18 but for one reason and another had put it off until I was in my 30s. A friend who had already had one was going to get another and she suggested I finally get one. I had built up the expectation of it to be very painful and apparently I did go a little white in the face. The second tattoo was not as long in planning and getting. It was three hours of talking about science fiction movies, and I barely felt the needle.

Once you have a tattoo most people feel the urge to get another, or three. I know I do and have done since Robbie the Robot arrived on my arm. Part of me still thinks that I am in my early twenties and I would be cool to get another one whereas the rest of me, mainly the aches and pains, remind me that I am 41 and on the downward slope of life. In my head I know what I want to get but since it will be a half sleeve, it will be expensive and take time. Allow me to explain. When someone has a tattoo from shoulder to wrist, it is called a sleeve. This is not a collection of random images but rather a thought out design. A half sleeve is just that, one that stops above the elbow. There are reasons for where I want it, again, this will be covered later.

I know what design I want. There is an album cover from 1977 for Jeff Wayne‘s musical version of War of The Worlds. It features an martian war machine firing it’s heat ray on the battleship Thunderchild. It is an image that has stayed with me since 1977 and therefore I am pretty certain I want it on my arm. I have loved the album since I was a child and now my older son, who is 7, also loves it. It is a complex image and one that may not translate well to skin but that’s why tattoo artists are called artists. They are very talented artists in their own right who just happen to use human skin as their canvas.

Finding the right tattoo artist can be a challenge sometimes when you are faced with five or six artists who are local. Your best bet is to look at each artists portfolio and choose one that not only is talented but who also appears to specialize in the style of tattoo you want. Some artists are better at gray images while others might be excellent at portraits. There are quite a few who are amazing at Japanese styles, and then you have the non-traditional styles. One that appears to be growing is comic book where a panel from a comic book is the tattoo.

Once you have your design, and picked your artist, the next and final question, other than how is your mother going to react to this tattoo, is where are you going to have it placed. For those who work in an office environment, generally having tattoos on your face, neck, hands or anywhere else that is visible while wearing normal work clothes is frowned upon. There are some companies and organizations who actually have dress codes that cover tattoos. If you chose to have a tattoo in a highly visible place, chances are you won’t be an office worker but rather work in a different industry. My reasons for wanting a half sleeve is that although I wear short sleeve shirts at work, most of not all of my tattoo would be covered, thus avoiding too much attention.

One of the reasons more people seem to be getting tattoos is that our role models are also getting inked up. How many basketball players, football players or even baseball players have visible ink? It also helps when many actor and actresses are also inked. Everyone from Brad and Angelina to Megan Fox seem to have ink on their bodies. Musicians are just as likely to have tattoos all over. From hip hop to rock, there is ink everywhere. If our role models have ink, why shouldn’t we?

I like tattoos and and I like girls. I really like girls with tattoos. I can’t explain why. I just do. They captivate me. Thanks to the wonders of the internet, there are countless websites dedicated to showing beautiful women with ink on their bodies. Some of these women are missing clothes sometimes but that isn’t the reason I enjoy looking, well most of the reason anyway. I am fascinated how girls of apparently early teens can be wearing full sleeves and chest tattoos. I wonder how they get the money for them as well as how much fore thought they have given to what they will be able to make of their lives with that much ink on display. One of the most successful websites setup for tattooed ladies is Suicide Girls where hundreds upon hundreds of women send in their pictures. A lot of the girls are models but some just have professional pictures taken and others are simple digital camera pictures.

Not everyone likes tattoos. I know some women who won’t date a guy who has tattoos. Others find the tattoos a bonus. It all depends on your personal opinion of them. My wife doesn’t have a tattoo although she is not against them, she has just never found a design that she would like on her body forever. If she finds on, she may get inked, she may not. Often the reason for having the tattoo is as personal as the opinions about them. We all have our reasons for what we do. We just have to have the commitment to have something that will stay with us forever.

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  1. The tattoo you have chosen is a wonderful piece of artwork, I would love to tattoo it. However; I would not suggest tattooing it any smaller than the original album size. In fact I would suggest larger.
    Take it from a professional tattoo artist with over 25 years of pushing ink; Cramming massive amounts of detail into an enclosed canvas space will not yield good results. Skin is not paper.

  2. The lead photo in this article shows a tattoo artist working without proper cross contamination prevention in place. NO MACHINE BAG. Do NOT get tattooed in any shop that does not practice proper cross contamination procedures.