Thank you x 1800 times

We now have 1800 friends on Facebook. Approximately 5% of the population of St. Thomas are our friends. Of course this doesn’t mean that all our friends are actually living in St. Thomas, we have friends as far away as Florida but they have ties to our great city. That makes us feel great! What also makes us feel great is the chance to become involved around the city in various projects and do some good. We aren’t going to name names simply because we believe that people should do good without needing to be praised. Let’s just say we tend to be fairly busy.

What else is going on in St. Thomas Towers? We have had many offers to contribute to the website with articles on so many different and interesting topics, we never realized quite how many talented people would step forward. We have even had people submitting articles but not wanting to be known, so becoming a guest ghost writer. Spooky!

Over the past few months we have seemingly attracted both praise on criticism concerning both the Blog and it direction, and the articles and posts appearing on it. Some people have had valid points that we agreed with, and we have admitted in the past that we have been wrong. Some criticism we haven’t agreed with but have respected the writer regardless. The praise we always find surprising as we are learning as we go with the website, not having done something like this before. We keep making mistakes but will keep trying to rectify and improve. Since we are only human(ish) we do find that we often go in the wrong direction only to realise once we have gone down the path. Apparently there isn’t a GPS for websites. A very knowledgeable person said to us that feedback, no matter if it is positive or negative, is a good thing because it means people are reading what you are writing.

If you feel as if we are ill-informed on a subject you are more than welcome and are in fact invited to let us know and/or write an informed article. If we were to only write about what we know, it would be would computers, books, science fiction movies and living in a daze. We do try to educate ourselves as we write but there is only so much room in our tiny brains.

Allow us to draw your attention to a part of the website you may not have noticed yet. At the top of the page we have several links to help you contribute and also provide yourself some publicity.

Not only can you contact us to talk about the weather, but you can also tell us about an event you are running, or a gig you are playing in St. Thomas. You can also send us a cocktail recipe or a food recipe. If you are feeling really generous you can always send us an article that you have written. You would be amazed how many events occur every single week and with your help, we can make sure that more people attend them!

We have also created a TSTB toolbar that you can install on your web browser. It has various links, and we will start adding local links soon, as well as weather etc.. Let us know what you think about it and what you want changed on it.

We will continue to do what we do, and if you can keep the comments coming, we am sure we will proceed in the right direction, more or less. Thank you once more to our 1800 Facebook friends as well as those who visit our site daily.

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