Top Ten movies of the year

To me there is nothing more enjoyable than sitting in a movie theatre watching a movie on the big screen! That is even with kids talking and texting, older couples comparing the movie to the book, and that really annoying magician who appears before the movie begins.

10) The Adjustment Bureau

A young politician on the campaign trail to becoming state senator accidentally meets a woman and the chemistry is instant but forces mostly unseen battle to keep them apart to make sure that the politician stays on the path picked out for him.

An intelligent, science fiction movie that doesn’t require spaceships, lasers or aliens.

9) Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows

Sherlock Holmes with his trusty yet often abused friend Dr. Watson again team up to face a mystery that may well turn out to be the most challenging case ever. Professor Moriarty is orchestrating events across Europe and Holmes is determined not only to find out why but to put a stop to it as well.

A very enjoyable sequel that stars Robert Downey Jr., one of the most enjoyable actors to watch.

8) Paul

A couple of nerdy Brits, touring the US to see famous UFO sites come across a real life alien and find themselves running from men in black with a foul mouthed E.T.

An alien comedy with the most foul mouthed alien ever to land on Earth.

7) Cowboys and Aliens

In the late 1800s a man wakes up lying on the floor of a canyon, unable to remember where he is or even who he is. All he knows is that he has a strange metal bracelet on his wrist and he can speak English. Soon he begins to discover who he is, why some people are not too friendly towards him, and that strange flying objects are abducting people.

While most would agree it could have been better, it was still a very enjoyable movie that ticked most of the boxes!

6) The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo

A disgraced journalist is hired to investigate a 40 yr old mystery hidden amid the many secrets of a large, dysfunctional family. Assisting him is a young woman with more than a few secrets of her own.

A difficult movie to watch but one that is ultimately rewarding at the end.

5) Tron Legacy

20 years ago, Kevin Flynn, game designer extraordinaire disappeared, leaving his 7 year old son orphaned. Today, Sam Flynn drifts without direction until a blast from the past drags him into a world he had only ever heard of, and perhaps one last chance to see his father.

A very worthy sequel to the original movie.

4) Rise of the Planet of the Apes

While researching a possible cure for Alzheimer’s and testing the formula on lab chimpanzees, Will Rodman discovers that it also increases brain function. When an presentation goes wrong, Will takes home a new born chimp who received the formula through his mother. The chimp begins to display amazing learning skills.

Completely realistic apes combined with a brilliant origin story made this movie one of the big surprises of the year.

3) Sucker Punch

Baby Doll is sent to an insane asylum by her step father and is due to be lobotomized in five days. To help survive the asylum, she develops an alternative reality and finds four friends to help try to escape.

A visually stunning movie that combines beautiful women with automatic weapons, steam powered zombie German soldiers, giant robot samurai and fantasy worlds that could each have their own movie.

2) Attack the Block

A gang of teenagers on an council estate in South London find themselves fighting of vicious aliens on Guy Fawkes night.

A small budget movie that delivered big time, with a cast of unknowns, limited locations and persistent alien foes.

1) The American

An American, trying to hide from unknown killers, hides in a small Italian town while his contact tries to find out who they are. The American is no stranger to killing but killing is not his only talent, and soon his talent is called for again.

A slow but steady thriller that was a pleasure to watch.

What were your favourites from the year?

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