Want to be discovered? Comment on Twitter about someone's size

During a business show on Fox TV, Monday the 11th, the focus of this normally, work related, programme shifted away from the ups and downs of the stock market to something quite different. The talk was about the singer Adele, and her size.

It was apparently ‘inspired‘ by a tweet from a student studying to be a computer engineer and who also dances.

Carlton, A.K.A. @cSwiggz posted:

“Can Adele lose some weight please? It’s not healthy. And little kids might follow”

It should be pointed out that Carlton is studying computer engineering and not nutrition or medicine. It should also be noted that visitors to Carlton’s twitter page will find photographs of an empty pizza box, an apparently empty bottle of cherry Fanta and multiple copies of videos of Carlton dancing, including one where he is dancing outside of a Western Union.

A quick flick through his twitter feed reveals that he wants to be famous and that “I’m going to be the next Justin Timberlake” as well as “My dream is to sing with a band like Coldplay or Muse one day. Yes”.

Therefore it is an incredible coincidence that a random tweet from a random person, with no apparent connections to Fox TV, Adele or anyone else, made it not only onto a television show, but one that doesn’t even focus on celebrity. It has to be a complete coincidence that Carlton, who admits that he wants to be famous, and who has posted several dance videos, suddenly gets national exposure.

This must be how a modern day fairly tale occurs. How else did this magical circumstance just happen to occur?

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