What are your favourite websites? There are some of ours

If you spend any time on the internet, and if you are reading this it’s safe to assume that you do, then you will have favourite websites, sites that you visit often. Not Facebook or Google but websites that you don’t ‘need’ to read but do anyway. These are some of ours:

1000 Awesome Things

Neil Pasricha, the author of 1000 Awesome Things, writes about the little things in life that make you smile. 1000 little things that are unexpected and wonderful when they happen. The latest post is ‘When you cut off your big disgusting toenail’, and everyone can agree with that feeling. If you need any more reason to read 1000 Awesome Things, here is Neil speaking at a TED conference.



Post Secret

Frank Warren runs the most popular website that has zero ads or sponsorship on it. Everyone has secrets and from time to time they need to share them. Frank has found a way to do so. Every day, thousands of people send postcards anonymously to Frank and he puts them on his website. The secrets wildly vary from education to crime to mental health to education. There are also links on the website for suicide prevention. Here is Frank explaining Post Secrets at a TED conference.



Where the hell is Matt?

Matt travels the world dancing. Matt cannot dance very well, in fact he only knows one dance and it isn’t very good. His videos show that people around the world, no matter if the country is North Korea, Australia, France or Canada, are the same, that no matter how different the politics of the countries. Matt’s fame truly blossomed with this moving, inspiring and wonderful video from 2008

Fifty Dangerous Things (you should let your kids do)

Gever Tulley & Julie Spiegler run the website that encourages you to let your kids out of the cotton wool lined play pen and do things that are perhaps considered dangerous in this environment of not letting children not do anything that possibly could get them in trouble. Everything from climbing a tree to boiling water in a paper cup. Fifty Dangerous Things reminds readers that for years, children did these things without worrying parents standing around with cushions, fire extinguishers or iced water. Here is Gever at TED.




Khan Academy

The Khan Academy is a non-profit organization that believes that education should both be free and available to everyone. The website hosts nearly 4000 videos on every subject from math to science to economics. The levels range from basic addition or subtraction to differential equations to art history. For anyone with children, the Khan Academy is an invaluable resource to help explain and teach any subject or topic that a child is perhaps struggling with. Here is Salman Khan explaining the Khan Academy to a Ted conference.




TED stands for Technology, Entertainment and Design. It began in 1984 and there have been many Ted conferences since then featuring some of the best and brightest brains in the world. There have been so many speakers, from Bill Gates to Bobby McFerrin and on subjects such as deep sea diving in a wheelchair, a wearable computer that utilizes any surface, and how the education model is broken and needs to be re-invented. Not only can you discover websites such as the ones mentioned above but hear new ideas, moving testimonies and inspiring talks.

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