What ever happened to women's rights?

While not directly involved, it is hard to avoid the United States election hype that has been carrying on for what seems to be years. One candidate over taking another only to be overtaken by a third and then it all starts again. Apparently one of the most important topics for debate is that of abortions and the ability for a woman to have one.

There are many heated arguments on both sides over abortions. People believe that the fetus is a life and that abotion is murder. Other people believe that as it invovles a woman’s body it should be up to the individual woman to decide. Even after the landmark Roe vs Wade court case, in the US, there is a varied belief concerning a woman’s choice to do what she wishes.

The one thing that I have noticed about this current election run and those taking part in it is that they are all men, as are most of their supporters, and yet they believe that they can dictate what rights a woman has.

And even though more than 90 years has passed since women were given, as if it were a gift, the right to vote, men are still trying to dictate which rights a woman should have. I am pretty sure that now the committees that hold meetings who are trying to finally decide to treat women as equals are probably made up of only men, much like they were in the past.

Now, I am certainly not a male basher, what with me being male and all, but one gender should not have the right to dictate to the other. I don’t think it would be a good idea to let women have the right to decide when a man gets a vasectomy. Imagine that special first date. “Your eyes are brown like mud“, “your lips are so soft”, “I want to sleep with you but first you are going to get a little prick, and then snipped”. I think there would be a sudden and dramatic drop in first dates.

I am not suggesting that a vasectomy is anything like an abortion. Far from it, but would this imaginary scenario seem any fairer than what politicians are debating now? If a woman is attacked and sexually assaulted, should she not have the option to terminate a pregnancy caused by it? It isn’t the rapist who has to live with the child if she doesn’t have a choice, it is the victim.

In the same way that while every one has an opinion on subjects such as faith, sexual orientation, sports, and even the Twilight movies, just because your beliefs do not match up with someone else’s doesn’t mean you can decide what they can and cannot do.

There was an Austrian who believed that certain races were not to be considered human, and that the perfect human should be blonde with blues eyes. He decided that this is the way things should be and that ended anything but well.

If you respect your fellow man and woman, shouldn’t you also respect their beliefs, opinions and choices?

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