What makes you watch a movie?

Movies are escapism, an hour and a half (or more) of an alternative reality where your daily worries no longer matter. It might be a romantic comedy, a horror movie set in space, or an action packed movie about making cupcakes. It is something different and that is why we watch them. If your work life was eight hours writing technical manuals, it is pretty certain that you wouldn’t want to watch a movie about writing technical manuals. We watch what interests us, and since we all have different interests, we all watch different movies, but what attracts you to a particular movie?

Is it the genre? Will you pay to watch a movie simply because it is a science fiction movie or a romantic comedy? Do you avoid horror movies but are unable to resist period pieces? While most people enjoy many genres, there are movie lovers who tend to focus on only one type. Take comic books or graphic novels turned into movies. While the recent movies of Batman, Iron man, Thor, Spiderman, Hulk, are all well known to everyone has having their roots in comics, many don’t realise that 300, Kick Ass, Cowboys & Aliens, Men in Black, Wanted, and even the completely under rated The Losers are also all based on comics or graphic novels.

How about who is starring in the movie? Will you go watch a movie simply because Brad Pitt is in it? What about if Megan Fox is in the lead role? Does who is starring in the movie influence your decision to watch it? How about the opposite? If Vin Diesel or Jennifer Aniston is in the movie, do you avoid it like the plague? What happens when there is an actor you really like and an actor you really dislike in the same movie? Which wins out?

Does it matter to you who is the writer or director? Many people have grown up watch the big action movies produced by Jerry Bruckheimer. Movies such as Beverly Hills Cop, Top Gun, Bad Boys, Con Air, National Treasure to name a few of many. He bring a particular style that many find appealing, the style being loud explosions, car chases and over the top action. Several of the Bruckheimer produced movies were directed by Michael Bay, who has also adopted the crash bang style of movie making. The same way that many will go to watch a movie directed by Michael Bay, many will avoid it preferring to watch a movie with an actual thought out script.

Everyone has their weakness when it comes to movies, and this writer is no different. Luc Besson, a French movie maker, has had a hold over me since 1990 when Le Femme Nikita was released. He has produced, written or directed many, in my humble opinion, great movies such as Leon, The Fifth Element, Taxi (not the Hollywood disaster but the original French movie), Wasabi, The Transporter, Angel-A, Bandidas, Hitman, Taken, District 13 and From Paris with love. While many of his movies are varied in genre, Bandidas is a western with two women leads while District 13 is a futuristic parkour frenzy of action. Just his name associated with a movie is enough to both spark my interest and push me to watch it.

How about movie trailers? Those 2 minute clips shown before a movie to whet your appetite and entice you into watching something. Normally the trailers attached to a movie are in a similar vein to the main feature, therefore appealing to an audience who already like the style. Some trailers however, show so much of the movie that the plot is essentially given away and thus reduces the need to see the whole movie. A lot of movie fans don’t wait until they are sat in the movie theatre to catch up on the latest trailers though. Apple.com, Yahoo movies, and a myriad of movie websites all compete to bring you the latest trailers first, often offering international and different market trailers of the same movie.

Movies are made so that people will pay money to watch them, either in the movie theatre or at home with a DVD. They tempt the viewer in with all the goodies listed about, making sure that they attempt to capture the attention and imagination of as many people as possible. They may not succeed in getting me to watch any movie with Jennifer Aniston in it, but that doesn’t stop them from trying.

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