When did women lose their sense of humour?

Last week, a journalist picked up her boyfriends jeans as she was tidying the house and was shocked and horrified to read the washing instructions included the line ‘Give it to your woman, it’s her job‘. Being one of the millions who use twitter regularly, a photograph was taken and put onto the twitterverse where reactions came in fast and furious. The journalist then wrote a piece for the Telegraph in the UK which just added more fuel to the firestorm. Would it have been different if it had been a male journalist?

We live in a world where political correctness defines what we can and cannot do, say, think or dream. It is also a time where there is near equality between the genders. Women can fight on the front lines of wars, men can be house husbands and look after the children. Along the way it seems that equality is very much like the seventh commandment from Animal Farm, All animals are equal, but as we find out later, some are more equal than others.

It appears that men who are ill are often referred to as having man-flu with the insinuation that it really isn’t that bad and that the man is being a wimp, yet I have never heard of a man brave enough to a woman to just suck it up and get on with the day when ill. On television, most sit-coms will feature at least one male character who is either dumb, naive, or a combination of both. Female versions are few and far between. Does political correctness and equality mean that man is fair game for ridicule yet women are untouchable?

With the recent twilight movies, adult women were fawning over the two male leads, Taylor Lautner was 16 years in 1998 yet no articles were written about these cougars in the making. Imagine what articles would have said if male audiences were coming out in droves to see a young 16 yr old girl. I am prety sure the phrases ‘dirty old men’ and ‘jailbait’ would have been thrown around like confetti at a wedding.

But enough about the inconsistancies in media, how bad is a washing label that suggests that washing clothes is a woman’s job. Is it funny? Is it offensive? Are some people too sensitive to exist in the real world? Believe it or not, a lot of companies do have a sense of humour. I have a T-shirt whose label reads ‘This T shirt was not tested on animals as it wouldn’t fit them.’. I think it is funny, but there again, I tend to find the funny in most things. Some people take life way too seriously.


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