Who doesn't love morning people?

It is said that there are two kinds of people. Those who are morning people, the ones who wake up early and get on with the day. The ones that open their eyes and are instantly fully awake and ready for the day. And then there are the other kind, those who have to live with them.

I relish being a morning person. In our house it means that I can walk around, taking care of things, not having to worry about asking someone to move, or being distracted by a freshly woken up, yet still drop dead beautiful wife. I can check my email in peace, read my RSS reader (my form of reading the paper), often have breakfast before anyone else is awake and on those cold, snowy mornings that we don’t appear to have anymore, get a roaring wood fire going. OK, that last one is a slight exaggeration, it’s more of a smokey pile of wood that might burst into flame if I hope really hard.

If you are ever out early in the morning you will notice how nice it is. The lack of people and traffic gives the morning an almost spooky feeling. The air feels crisper in the winter, in the summer, cooler and yet still warming. The silence is very noticeable, you are able to hear the birds in the trees, things you normally wouldn’t be able to hear because of traffic.

Talking of traffic, driving early in the morning can be very enjoyable. Less traffic makes for an easier drive, and drivers around you seem more relaxed. Of course, on those mornings following a heavy snow, if you are out and about before the ploughs, life does become a lot more interesting but is the only time it isn’t fun to drive. Take today, a clear day, no precipitation, able to see the beginning of the sun rise, still able to see stars in the darkened sky to the west. A beautiful start to the day. In the summer it is often even better. Driving in the bright sunlight, with empty roads is glorious. Heading towards London, you can often catch a glimpse of one or two hot air balloons, drifting in the air. Perfect.

I even seem to get more work completed early in the morning. Less people around interuppting me, giving me time to clear the overnight emails and form a plan of attack for the work load for the day.

There are days when, due to lack of sleep or illness, the morning is best ignored but those days are thankfully few and far between. So here’s to those of us who wake up ready to take on the world, get things done, and yet appreciate the wonderful mornings that too few of us see to enjoy.

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