Why are you wasting my time?

One of the requirements of running a website that promotes local events and such is that from time to time, you have to look online and find these events. In many ways it is a lot of fun. You discover websites or organizations you haven’t heard of before. Nearly every time something new is learned. Did you know that there is an organization concerning pigs in Ontario called the Ontario Pork Congress?

It can also be frustrating though. Way too many websites do not get updated regularly and some are still only showing events for 2011 if not 2010. Seriously? With the huge amount of events that go on every year, I would have thought that organizers would be doing whatever they could to entice more visitors but I must be wrong. I understand that perhaps all the dates haven’t been agreed upon or something similar but you can still promote yourself.

What is almost as bad are those websites that post barely enough information to let you know there is indeed an event. Something like


and nothing else. It doesn’t matter if the event has been held for the past 50 years. If you are looking to get new people to your event, your target audience won’t be aware of the details.

I still shake my head at those organizations who seem to think that information is power and if they don’t share the information with anyone else and instead tell them to visit the organizations website, that somehow they become more powerful or something? While not a math geek, I do love numbers and even I understand that if you put a missing dog poster on one wall, people may see it, but if you put it on two different walls, the number of people who might see it increases. The more locations, the more sets of eyes. The internet is the same but I fear that many are not familiar enough with it to understand.

When this blog first started and we ran into this sort of issue, it made me wonder. A few years later and it is still happening and I simply cannot understand it. A quick math lesson for those who apparently can’t count or understand this. We have over 2000 friends on Facebok alone. The number of friends of our friends? Over 350,000! Think about it, that is a huge potential reach. It would have to take every friend commenting or liking a post but there is no harm in dreaming big.

And so for the first time this year, if you have an event that you are holding this year, let us know. There are links in Facebook or on the website that allows you to quickly and easily submit the information. Of course, if you don’t care if your event succeeds, continue to stick your head in the sand!

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