Why you really should try swapping with other couples!

You know that once you have been in a relationship for a while, things become stale, expected, boring. While you can always introduce some spice, there is the same risk of it becoming the norm, and therefore, boring. A great way to put a spark back into the relationship, not only with your spouse but with your married friends as well is to hold a swap party. Come on, ring the doorbell, walk in, sit down and let’s find out what it’s all about!

As with most parties, you will find all the action in the kitchen, after all there is where the swapping will take place! At first you should start small with just a couple of married friends but as the parties become more successful, there is no reason not to grow it more! Just remember that you need to be able to trust your friends are capable of participating at the party. Once the success of the party spreads to the ears of your neighbours, don’t be surprised if you have more people wanting to join in!

It is probably best that before the party, perhaps a couple of weeks before, one of each couple, usually, but not always, the women, meet up to discuss what to bring at the next party. This way there is enough time to prepare what they are to bring. The most important thing to remember is that this is supposed to be free, friendly fun. It isn’t the Olympics so there isn’t going to be a gold medal for the best treat!

Hygiene is very important but it is considered very bad manners to ask before hand about his or her hygiene. Just trust that they are as clean as you and everything will be fine.

Just because you want to show off doesn’t mean you get to put a ribbon on it. It won’t make anyone want it more or less, they will just think that you are showing off, and nobody likes a show off.

It can be very difficult if you are offered something that you really don’t want. On one hand you don’t want to offend anyone but on the other, you really don’t want to put THAT in your mouth! It can often help of the hosts of the party state before hand that there should be no guilt either accepting or declining. If you are the one rejected, just accept and make sure that next time you bring something more appealing to the party.

There really is no point in haggling, after all, just because yours took twice as long to get ready, doesn’t mean you should get a two for one deal, we aren’t talking cars here.

If at the end of the night there are left overs, rather than being ignored, they can always be offered to a homeless shelter. You don’t want to waste any and if your parties really do become regular fun things, why not make sure that there is always left overs so they can be donated each time!

I know what you are thinking, food swap parties really do sound like a lot of fun. What do you mean that’s not what you were thinking I was talking about? Think about a food swap party and re-read it, it is obvious!

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