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HMS Ocean of the Royal Navy in Portsmouth Harbour
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From a Catholic secondary school via the Royal Navy to cheering on your home team no matter of tactics or score

A couple of months ago, St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic Secondary School in London produced a ‘Lip Dub‘ video that was released onto YouTube. A ‘Lip Dub‘ video is one that contains people lip syncing to a popular song. It has become quite a trend this year with several ‘Lip Dub‘ videos on YouTube and other sites. The videos often are made to look like an unplanned event similar to many of the flash mobs who suddenly burst into song in an unsuspecting crowd. The source of such events can probably be traced back to the movie and TV show Fame, on through to Glee. Of all the current fads such as planking and memes, ‘Lip Dub‘ videos not only are great alternative music videos but also allow various groups and organizations to show off their humour and talent.

This week another ‘Lip Dub‘ video appeared online with the officers and crew of HMS Ocean lip syncing to Mariah Carey‘s All I want for Christmas. It appears that the crew of the ship had a lot of fun making of the video with one sailor wearing a Union Jack dress and another in a cardboard plane. For the friends and family of the Royal Navy crew, it would have been a nice reminder of their loved ones who are fortunate to be heading back to port in time for Christmas.

What is not so nice was some of the comments posted below the video. The first comment unfortunately was posted by someone who was both ignorant about what countries navy had made the video as well as taking the opportunity to complain about the US Navy wasting their time and resources. Luckily the following commenters restored the balance with both some sharp comments and also questioning the competency of the original commentator. It seems strange that someone who obviously had viewed the video than chose to complain about what they perceived to be wasted resources without actually realising what they had watched.

The video did not show the ship in battle, nor at anchor, rather steaming through an open sea with not another ship to be seen. Exactly what the crew of an aircraft carrier are assigned to do while the ship is underway is beyond me but even the hard working men and women of any navy do get some downtime and why not release some tension by having some fun with a video? What was disturbing though was the willingness to decry his or her military for no apparent reason.

Each country has their own military, men and women who put themselves into dangerous situations on the orders of their commanders. In similar fashion to law enforcement, military personnel choose this career because it is what they believe they should do. In this day and age, many military families receive bad news as their loved ones have either been killed, captured or serveraly injured. Contary to many action movies, people do die, missions do not always succeed and not everyone comes back. Too many men and women seem to make the ultimate sacrifice.

No matter what the situation, military scenario, or personal belief, your countries military should always receive positive support. Just because you disagree with what the military have been ordered to do, the men and women who are at the sharp end of things deserve everyone’s appreciation. It isn’t just the current military, veterens should also be recognized for what they have done and sacrificed. For this reason, November 11th must always recieve as much support as possible. Even if personal situation, beliefs, or political persuasion cause someone to disagree with what the military is doing, the respectful thing to do is to be remain silent and not make possibly offensive comments. The military, current, veteren and those no longer alive, have done enough to deserve at least that.

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