A Princess in a Princess Dress, Everybody loves a Princess Best!

In this post I just wanted to call your attention to The Princess Project. This project was started with 1 question presented by a woman named Deb to her friend Jody.

“Do you have any dresses?  I have some young ladies that need dresses for their graduation.”

Within 24 hours after Jody sent out an email they had 100 dresses, in 48 hours they had 200 dresses….and with that the Princess Project was born.

I had the pleasure of meeting Jody. She is a warm and wonderful person who you instantly fall in love with. You can tell just by talking to her how much she believes that all these young girls deserve to feel like a princess, even if its just for one day.

Jody explained to me how sometimes it can be hard for the rural kids to actually get to a shop that would even carry a selection of nice dresses.  Sometimes the problem is money, or lack of transportation. It could be that a single dad raising his teenage daughter just doesn’t “get” why she would want or need a fancy dress for anyway. What ever the reason she welcomes the girls with open arms and sets out to create an atmosphere that helps build self esteem and confidence which is something everyone could use, especially these young girls.

Jody is finding its not just the girls who need a helping hand. More and more young men are coming to Jody to find some dapper duds.

I asked Jody how I or anyone else could help and she kindly shared this with me:

Please help  young ladies by donating your gently worn dress(es). This project is to help any young lady who is in need of a dress to wear to her Prom. This is the perfect opportunity to purge your closets & make room for new dresses to love. Please drop any gently worn (clean) dresses & gently worn shoe/accessories to Jody at 46638 Talbot Line, St. Thomas, Ontario (please call 519-896-4749 to make arrangements for drop).
We are also accepting donations of semiformal & formal wear for young men, clothing for both young ladies & men and also bedding. Please make sure all items are clean, appropriate & in good condition.

If you know of a young lady or you are a young lady that is in need of a dress please email PrncssPrjct@aol.com , from there we can set up a time for selecting a dress.


Jody thanks you, as we here at the blog do, from the bottom of our hearts.

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