About the Blog

Here is a re-cap for those who have joined since we started.

The St. Thomas Blog was created when we tried to find what events were happening in St. Thomas on a certain weekend, and discovered that there wasn’t one site that listed everything. Each organization advertised their events on their own websites and there was no compiling of information. We also became fed up with having information for the island of St. Thomas rather than the Canadian city of St. Thomas when we did a web search for information.

The community of St. Thomas is a vibrant one and it can only be a good thing if it is publicized in as many places as possible. We strive to accumulate as much information and post it as soon as possible to allow it to be found easily as well as increase the number of visitors to the event.

If you belong to an organization who holds, creates, supports, or sponsors an event, please remember The St. Thomas Blog when you decide on when and where events will be held and let us know so that we can help get as many people to the events as possible. If you wish to contact the blog, please e-mail us at contact@thestthomasblog.com

All events for charity, or good causes, will always be advertised for free. The more visitors to St. Thomas can only be a good thing so we hope that having this small part of the internet dedicated to our wonderful city will perhaps make a difference.

As the website evolves, we will be looking to add more sections such as classified ads, garage sales, advertisements for only locally owned businesses, announcements, and running the odd contest here and there. We do have a few more ideas but at the moment, they are best kept secret.

We hope that you find The St. Thomas Blog useful, informative, fun, or maybe just a good read. We will try hard to keep up the high standards that the city of St. Thomas deserves.

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