At the Market

The St.Thomas Public Library is once again at the Market. I can’t begin to tell you how many wonderful things there are at the market, you will just have to come and check it out and see for yourself.  Here is what was said in the Market newsletter about the library bringing WiFi to the market.

Standing Room Only….
The St. Thomas Public Library has done this really cool thing for the market – they brought Wi-Fi! They have a booth there every week where you can purchase used books and borrow the latest titles. Bring your laptop and sit for a breakfast sandwich or two and just absorb the market buzz. It did get a little warm last week with the sun bearing down on the tables out front – don’t forget about the outdoor cafe area in the far pavilion. There will be more tables and chairs out this week so we have a little more shelter for folks to linger. ( FYI no accessible hydro hookup)

See you at the Market!

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