Boil water advisory–Business as usual??


Its business as usual at the hospital with one exception no tea and coffee service. They have a tanker truck on site, and the kitchen is boiling water like mad! There is water available for the patients and the blue note cafe will be open for the usual hours.


I have called Tim Hortons and they have confirmed the city locations are drive through only. Coffee is made with bottled water, and the makeshift location at first and elm is closed.  Soup is not available

Both McDonald’s locations are closed.

Offering Canned and bottled beverages, A&W will be open


Burger king is open.  Drive through only, canned coke, diet coke, and bottled water available (as well as pre packaged juice) NO Poutine.


The Library is business as usual! (coffee in the machine is made with bottled  water).

The Real Canadian Superstore is currently not selling fresh vegetables due to the fact they were sprayed throughout the day yesterday with water.

Taco Bell is closed.

I will try update this page throughout the day.

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  1. Robin Masse Millson

    I can’t quite figure out why McDonalds would be closed.

  2. I was thinking the same thing!

  3. could it be that it is more cost effective to close, than remain open and risk someone getting ill and blaming them, and on top of that going out to buy pop and other items?

    just thinking it might be it???

  4. very strange on McD’s being closed… seems like the rest are all coping well with the boil water.

  5. I was wondering if it was due to all the behind the scenes thing – washing produce to make burgers and salads??

  6. Denise Savage-Juck

    I know they closed early and had staff clean the place from top to bottom. I also know they were going to boil a ton of water for today.

  7. Lisa Horne-Rattray

    Superstore has no fresh vegetables as they have to be sprayed with water periodically throughout the day. They were in the process of cleaning all the pipes when I was in there this morning.

  8. thanks everyone! Keep them coming