Came for the meeting, Stayed for the food!

I was fortunate enough to sign my name up and say “Yes, I will be attending the St.Thomas Community Garden Information Session” when the facebook event appeared in my in box.

I had heard about these unlawful community gardeners last year when they tried to take a vacant lot and turn it into a beautiful garden…HOW DARE THEY!!

But now bygones are bygones and everyone has come to an agreement that community gardening benefits the community as a whole.

From the communal plots that will be provide produce to a number of different groups, as well as an opportunity for many people to learn about gardening through the workshops held by the organizers to the private plots where children who might not otherwise have green space will be able to learn first hand about the importance of community and watching all these healthy and great tasting fruits and vegetables grow up from virtually nothing into part of a nourishing meal. These advocates have done all the hard work to make these gardens a possibility.

The meeting was informal, but informative and it really opened my eyes to a world I know so little about.

So as you are my witness I shall get a plot and I shall overcome!

I will share with you my experiences with a 10×10 plot as a gardener who tends to go through 3 hanging baskets a year. ( The first one I usually buy in May which  might make it as far as the middle of July when I will buy the second one which will die from lack of water and I will probably leave it hanging in shame for a couple of weeks and then buy a third just before the baskets are on their way out. The last one might remain hanging until Novemeber when I realize that “shock” and “horror” it has died too!) So this is going to be no small challenge for me. BUT if I stick it out I will have a bountiful harvest and I will be able to prepare some amazing things with all my (essentially) FREE FOOD.

Which brings me to the second part of my title…The food.

People who know how to grow food apparently know how to cook food!!! I want to thank everyone for all the wonderful food. I really enjoyed “breaking bread” with so many wonderful, helpful, positive,and super friendly people.


If you would like to find out more about The St.Thomas Community Garden. There is a group on facebook located here

Or stay tuned as we add a new section to our blog for our community gardeners to keep us all up to date with all the information we need to have an excellent growing season in 2011.

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  1. I can hear the wheelbarrows screaking

  2. It was a great meeting ..i could feel the energy even while i was listing the numerous jobs that needed to be done!!!! in preparation for the 2011 season