CEO Paul Collins Of STEGH Shares Concern

CEO of the St.Thomas Elgin General Hospital,  Paul Collins, shared with staff members this e-mail attempting to alleviate concerns brought forward after the arrest of Khurram Sher .

Sher, a recently hired Pathologist is accused in conjuction with a terror case in Ottawa.


Dear Colleagues,

I know that all us at STEGH are surprised and concerned by the events that have unfolded today.  I want to say from the outset that our hospital shares the values of compassion and respect, and under these circumstances, we feel these are important to consider as this story continues to unfold.  As STEGH spokesperson, I have been contacted by numerous media outlets throughout the day and have continued to repeat the following messages:

Dr. Khurram Sher was hired by our hospital and began employment as a full-time pathologist on August 3, 2010.  This followed a lengthy recruitment process, where we followed our normal recruitment policies and procedures.  We have not been contacted directly by the RCMP, or any other investigative agency to ask us any questions about this situation.  We did contact the RCMP in London to confirm the arrest of Dr. Sher.  We, of course, will work cooperatively with the law enforcement and other investigative agencies, when requested to do so. We will be moving forward to address how we will manage our pathology work load in the short term and then later, if necessary in the long term as well.


Paul Collins then goes on to say that there is help available should any of the staff members require it. I feel this shows his level of concern for the hospital employees and his prompt attention to this matter should eliminate much of the speculation that would have occurred had this issue had gone unaddressed. It seems that Khurram Sher had only been in his position at the hospital for a few weeks.


On a stranger  side note Khurram Sher tried out for Canadian Idol just a few years after local resident Aaron Walpole had placed 3rd in the contest.

Lets hope Sher’s pathology was better than his singing.

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