Dydd Gŵyl Dewi Sant


Dydd Gŵyl Dewi Sant or Happy St.David’s Day

Sure you know all about St.Patrick and how he rid Ireland of the snakes, and even if you didn’t know that was St.Paddy’s claim to fame… you know that on March 17 people across North America will be swilling green beer and singing about smiling Irish eyes. But did you know that each “country” (and I use the term in quotations to prevent the pedantic from tearing apart my description of these United yet very different Kingdoms) has its own patron saint. And today is the day that the Welsh celebrate St.David’s Day, a day in honour of their patron saint.

In Wales public celebrations of St. David’s Day are becoming more commonplace. In many towns an annual parade through the centre of town is now held. Concerts are held in pubs, clubs, and other venues. In the town of Colwyn Bay in north Wales, an annual parade through the centre of town is now held with several hundred citizens and schoolchildren taking part. Other events are centred around the parade.Swansea inaugurated a St David’s Week festival in 2009 with a range of musical, sporting and cultural events held throughout the city to mark the national day.

Locally, I think we should embrace this day and start celebrating it every year. Not for what it stands for, but because we could all use another excuse to have a good time! It is after all the 1st of March and that means spring is just around the corner and soon the daffodils will be sprouting through the ground. Oh, and daffodils as luck would have it are one of the national symbols of Wales. Do you know the other?

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  1. what? i thought he invented green beer

  2. St Patrick….pffffth, whadda laugh ; )