FOUND–Himalayan cat

DO YOU KNOW WHERE THIS CAT LIVES or WHO IT BELONGS TO in St. Thomas? Please share & contact me with any info. Area north of Arthur Voaden Secondary School.

Unknown cat, probably lost. Showed up here near the end of July, 2010. Still very frightened. Probably a Himalayan (related to the Persian) & an indoor-only cat. Have been watching the free lost & found ads in the “Times-Journal”, & haven’t seen it mentioned.
Only shows up when it’s dark, also see it very early in morning.

See Missing Pet for the best tips on reuniting pets with their families & how to search for a lost pet – behaviour-based tips.

Photo from Aug. 21, 2010


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  1. Flatten it out first and I will tell you if it looks familiar

  2. Are you able to catch her? She may be micro chipped. She actually looks like one that was for rehome in aylmer. I wonder if she was dumped :( Can a foster home be sought for her as it is getting cooler, I’d hate to see her left to the elements.

  3. you are an ass, Rich. maybe someone should flatten you

  4. Maybe you should get a life outside of your love affair with your cats, I would be careful with making threats as this is admissible evidence in court.

  5. i agree with Martha

  6. Oh Rich, chill out!! I don’t like animal haters, never have never will. By the way didn’t threaten you, just made a comment, just like you did.

  7. Has her home been found yet?