FundScrip–a neat way to fund raise.

I am sure you can tell, its fundraising time once again!
Time for chocolate bars and wrapping paper…

Are you tired of typical fundraisers that ask you and your supporters to buy things you don’t want or need?

This is a different kind of fundraiser.

FundScrip gives organizations the opportunity to sell gift cards to most major retailers and make money in the process. The group earns a small percentage of the value of the cards purchased, while the person supporting the group gets gift cards to spend at no added cost to them.  The group earns money on your regular shopping habits, the only thing that changes is that you shop with gift cards instead of using cash credit or debit.

These cards make great gifts, are great for assisting students ( Especially if you want them to buy groceries instead of beer) , they are also useful for sticking to a budget, or good to have on hand when traveling when you might not want to carry cash or credit cards.

This fund raiser is set up for ELGIN COURT

If you are interested in ordering these cards to support Elgin Court, you can enroll using the invitation code : P3K7FP Or Call 519.207.3717 or email for more details

Our orders dates this year are: (once a month except November for Christmas)

Thursday, September 30th
Thursday, October 28th
Thursday, November 11th
Thursday, November 25th
Thursday, December 9th
Thursday, January 27th
Thursday, February 24th
Thursday, March 31st
Thursday, April 28th
Thursday, May 26th
Thursday, June 9th

Delivery of the cards will be to the school office on the following Tues/Wednesday.
I will pick up your order and deliver it to you if required.

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