How can we be of service?

Is there something more you are trying to find out about St.Thomas, Ontario? Is there a service you are looking for but just can’t seem to find someone who provides it in the area? Are you wondering who you could ask to do that research for your local ancestors? And who will run around and just take a few quick photos of specific locations for you?

Well wonder no more!

We are here to help out where ever we can. We want to share as much information about St.Thomas as we can or find  someone who can find the information you are looking for. Most small things we will do as a favour but for a reasonable fee we will do just about any (legal) thing you ask us to. We are here to help, and where we can’t help we are here to find you someone who can.

We want to be a full service site and we want to be the first place you turn to when you need to know what is going on, and when you don’t know exactly what you need.

Soon we will be offering our “guides” with more than just advertisements. We hope to showcase some of the lesser known business treasures St.Thomas has to offer. Just because a company doesn’t have an advertising budget in the thousands of dollars, doesn’t mean they don’t offer some amazing things. Look for our guides to cover a varied subject matter such as “THE STYLE GUIDE“, “THE FAMILY GUIDE“, “THE AUTOMOTIVE GUIDE“, “THE HOME BUYERS GUIDE“, “THE BEAUTY GUIDE“, “THE WEDDING GUIDE”  and so many more.

PSSST!…Pass it on!

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