Isabel Street Community Garden

The much talked about community garden located on Isobel Street is looking for gardeners city wide, as well as any other concerned citizens to lend their support to their cause to get their garden growing.

If you are a member of facebook you can find out more information on

the St.Thomas Community Garden page.

or they can be contacted at

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  1. I don’t understand, I watched the video for the community garden and the girl said “there was a waiting list for plots.”, but this post is asking for gardeners, i don’t understand, are there plots available?

  2. I don’t understand, I watched the video for the community garden and the girl said that
    there was a waiting list for plots, but the post is aking for gardeners, I don’t understand are there still plots available?

  3. Sorry to cause confusion.

    What I meant was the community garden wants ALL GARDENERS across the city to show their support. They are not looking for more gardeners for plots at the moment. Anyone found doing any gardening on the land in question could be subject to hefty fines.

  4. Thank You Julie
    As per St Thomas article today….I personally spoke to Brigitte on Sat and explained that I saw people there gardening…her response was “I am not responsible for other people’s actions”. and smirked..she was fully aware of what was going on long before the interview and unfortunately is thriving on upsetting the neighbourhood.

    80 of us signed a petition stating it was the wrong way to go about it, we are reasonable people we talk reason things out, flyers are not a way to communicate.

  5. Where can copies of this petition be found ?And has anyone put this petition on the web ?

  6. It’s in the hands of the council.

  7. As a gardener and a community gardener, I wouldn’t want to live in or visit St Thomas. Too much hissing and spitting and not enough community or gardening. You all have given yourselves a black eye.