Opening Soon…The Station Master Restaurant


The much anticipated  Station Master Restaurant is opening its doors tomorrow, Friday January 14.

A Family style restaurant serving a wide variety of food. They offer an ALL YOU CAN EAT buffet from Thursday-Sunday– $14.99 as well as an amazing la carte menu.
Very reasonable prices. All food is HOMEMADE, no packages or pouches.

Their meat is drug free, and are using local vendors. They are a licensed establishment restaurant geared toward family dining, therefore no bar area is designated.

Also available is Culinard Catering for all your catering needs. We offer full catering for weddings, special events, small or large groups.
Contact Yolanda WatsonCatering Manager-519-637-012

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  1. Great. Always love a new restaurant. Eating is one of my favourite things to do.
    But where is it located? And what are the open times?

  2. Looks like they are “stationed” in the old Kelsey’s at the Elgin Mall; St. Thomas ON

  3. Maryane and Caitlin

    My daughter and I tried your restaurant and we were not impressed at all. We got a table pretty quick and thought great good impression. Drinks came and we ordered our food. We got our meals and the appetizer came after our meals. We were not impressed any longer. My drink never got refilled as the waitress didn`t come back to our table to check if we needed anything. Not impressed at all. The food was not very good. Hotdog was undercooked. Pasta came with mushrooms not good. I wasn`t thrilled about the sauce. I work in the service industry and this was the worst service I have ever received. It is sad to say that I will not be back. When I heard that a new restaurant was coming to St. Thomas I thought great a new place to go. You need to improve on the service.

  4. My husband and I went to your restaurant Sunday for dinner. Not impressed. We were seated in a location that caused us to freeze every time the door opened. The buffet was quite limited. The steam table was not keeping food hot even though there were lids on each item (the lids are a pain). You need to have a better selection. The food, well it was not what I expected. No refill on our drink. No salad plates. No plates for the shrimp, etc. We only found out about the senior’s discount when we had a look at the menu just before we left. Now we are obviously seniors and this should have been automatically entered on our bill. Will we return? Doubtful.

  5. We went for supper on the 25th of January and not impressed. Same issues as the comments above. Food was less than impressive and felt like I was sitting in a cafateria. No refills on the drinks. Not enough food for the price. I had to eat at home. We waited over 15 minutes for the bill when my husband had to track down the waiter who in his defence was very very nice but he was the only one for way too many tables. I posted on Facebook and got a reply that their chefs were ill and they were trying their best, but it wasn’t just the food,,, it was the service and the atmosphere. I don’t think improving the food would be able to change that. Sorry, won’t be back and won’t recommend to my peeps

  6. Myself and a friend ate there tonite, the place was very busy, waitress was friendly and everything but thats about it. When our food finally arrived it was just the burger with fries but the burger itself was very spiced with pepper, couldn’t even eat it all, told the owner but all his comment was not i’m sorry but I know the next batch will be toned down, not even a offer of price reduction or anything. Waitress brought dessert stopped at 3 tables first with the food in her hand. Almost didn’t want to eat it with other peeps breating on food, noticed it for service at other tables too. Never again. The business is not gonna last that way. Took half hour basically to get bill and out of there.

  7. Gee’s it looks like they have been only open for just a little over a week , maybe everyone should give them a little slack before putting them down, afterall bringing a new buisness to St. Thomas can only improve our town . All I am saying is give them some time .

  8. Totally agree. They should get some slack but unless the wait staff their have working are totally new to the job, shouldn’t they be better than what people have commented about? But I do think they should be cut a little slack, they have opened a new business at a site that had been vacant for some time, and hopefully these ‘issues’ that people have commented about are only teething problems. Only time will tell!

  9. For all of the yapping these people did in the news paper…there is no excuse.Slow service slow food cold food.With all of your experience you told everyone that read your article these types of complaints shouldnt exsist.Wheres the liquor license?You should go for a quality buffet not a cheap one.Everyone has a favourite place to go..the six of us found this is not one of ours.

  10. If chefs are ill as noted from facebook comment
    Why are you or they working in a food service environment ?
    Unfortunatley my family won’t be going there anytime soon.

  11. The Chefs are not working, that is why I said we are pulling together, until they return, We have served over 4500 people in 12 days,many who have returned , we have had maybe 3% with comments which are negative, The majority of the public have been awesome, THANK GOD the majority of people in St Thomas are sympethetic to this situation. No-one is with-out flaws, and the people of St Thomas have been great.
    Cheryl Weber

  12. … I’ve worked in the service industry for a very long time, and there is a big difference between opening chain restaurants and small family restaurants. Opening a new restaurant is an extremely hard thing to do, especially when it is not a chain with printed out guidelines and manuals. An executive chef has to teach all his cooks to prepare meals the way HE wants them done, and the only way to perfect it is with practice.. which is obviously hard to do when he’s off sick! If the wait staff can’t keep up with their tables, they may not be as experienced as they said they were on their resumes (and if this is the case, I’m sure they will be weeded out if they can’t keep up). Equipment and machines break sometimes, (especially if its a new restaurant and the reliability of the machines havent been tested yet) and people have to do their best to fix the issues at hand (like broken heat lamps for food or flawed debit machines which slows down bill service). Many chain restaurants bring in multiple chefs/servers/supplies and equipment from other brother restaurants that are tested and reliable to GUARENTEE that nothing goes wrong! I think time is needed for all good things to come together. So I would give it time before making a final judgement…..

  13. Can appreciate it is a new business, but hopefully they will listen to the complaints and try to work on it. First impressions are very important. I completley am sympathetic to the sickness going around, however, I would hope that things would improve in other areas that are not equipment or sickness related. Service – sucked to put it mildly. Maybe the owner should have some staff meetings and work with their new wait staff to improve on the areas where people are having their issues. Customer service is the most important thing in any business and can make or break a business. Food can be improved on for sure. Customer service is where it is at Cheryl. Work on that and your staff and you will have more clients then you know what to do with. When I hear better comments about the improvements in this area, I’ll be back to give it another try. Until then, sorry…. I work too hard for my money and other choices where I can relax and enjoy a good meal after a long day at work. I wish you all the best and really really hope things improve. We need this restaurant on this side of town. Hope it works out. Keeping my fingers crossed.

  14. I think comments posted to this blog present a real opportunity for the owners/managers of the restaurant. For each person who has posted an unsatisfactory review take the opportunity to reach out and invite them to come again, perhaps compliments of the house, and prove them wrong. St. Thomas needs more from scratch, local restaurants. In small towns, word of mouth travels fast. You know what they say, people will tell one person of a good experience and ten people of a bad one. Build some bridges and show St. Thomas diners what you’re made of!

  15. You got to be kidding, is no one allowed to be sick? I think that the chef took a proactive step and made sure he did not continuing working when he was sick. Let’s hope he is feeling better soon.

  16. Just returned from the restaurant and won’t be going back. There is no atmosphere the menu and the buffet were tiny. So much more that could have been done. Felt like an episode of kitchen nighmares. The chicken on the buffet didn’t looked cooked. I’ve never seen ham wraps on a buffet either. I can’t believe I paid $15 for that. Wouldn’t recommend to anyone even if you are in a hurry-go to McDonalds

  17. Went for supper on Friday night and on the buffet we got our choice of very lumpy garlic mashed potatoes with skins, or very dry macaroni and cheese, with that our choice was tough ribs or soggy fish and vegetables, none of which was hot. Of course there was a small selection of salads and some kind of squash soup. To top it all off, the service was crappy. The waitress had no idea what we had because after delivering our drinks we never saw her again until we asked someone for a bill. Our waitress came over and asked Did you have the salad bar or the whole buffet. And we got all this for 14.99 each. Next time we will take our business elsewhere! Obviously the owners are not taking people’s comments seriously or the business would’ve improved by now. I find this unfortunate because we could use another good restaurant but word of mouth spreads quickly and I will be very surprised if they are in business long.

  18. I was in the StationMaster restaurant on Saturday night by recomendation of several friends. We were a party of 6. We ordered off the menu, and had the buffet. Because we eat out alot we have tried many restaurants and can be very critical. We found the food very good and the staff very friendly! This restaurant was very busy, I was also impressed, because I believe her name was Cheryl, was going around to tables asking for people’s input on the food and service, in which over hearing found people loved it. I can see why this parking lot is always full. Good Luck with this new venture,and keep up the good work. It is a family restaurant St Thomas truly needed!
    Barb S.

  19. Thank-you for your response. And thank-you to all others for their responses. I know we can’t please every-one,as each has their own taste. The restaurant business is a very tough one. All the suggestions on here are not going un-noticed We have been open for almost a month, and have had an amazing response, staying very busy.We have been “tweaking” in the areas we need to, and over all people are very supportive and enjoying their dining experience! We will continue to serve you :-)

  20. I agree with that comment whole heartedly. In my case the owner said we know the hamburger is full of pepper way too much, next match will be fixed. Thats all he said!!!!

  21. A group of us were looking for a goous to eat tonight. My wife suggested your restaurant,but after reading the reviews of previous customers we’re going somewhere elsed place for .Until you can show me some of your 97% satisfied customers on this site, we won’t risk eating here.

  22. A group of us were looking for a good place to eat tonight. My wife suggested your restaurant,but after reading the reviews of previous customers we’re going somewhere else place for .Until you can show me some of your 97% satisfied customers on this site, we won’t risk eating here.

  23. My wife and I had stopped in there one night last month while we filled time waiting for our children who were out at a youth program. Kelsey’s had an atmosphere. The Station Master does not. First impression was that of commercial/office like, not a welcoming restaurant.

    The food though, was quite good, although we only had appetizers – onion rings with honey glaze and a plate of poutine. My wife thought it was some of the best poutine she has had. I hadn’t had glaze rings and they were a wonderful surprise.

    I would go back, but not with high expectations, just for some good food in a simple sterile environment.

    I wish them the best as they venture into this. Anyone who takes the step to enter into a new business venture should be commended.

  24. WOW – I’m quite surprised by all the negative comments. I have had the buffet twice (lunch and dinner) and then went for a date with my wife on another occasion when we ordered off the menu – I was completely satisfied with the food and the service was excellent on all three occasions. Were you folks expecting Michaels on the Thames? I think the Station Master is doing very well for a new Restaurant and I will gladly return for an excellent meal.

  25. my husband and I ate at this restaurant a week ago. We were not impressed at all. The furnishing are cheap, they should of left the tables from Kelsey’s, the buffet was cold, the glasses were mismatched. We ordered from the menu and the food was terrible. I ordered the veggie wrap and was told it had zuchinni, red peppers, onions and other marninated veggies and when it arrived it was just lettuce and red peppers, I asked why, no explanation. We were extremely disappointed. It looks like they were ill prepared to open this restaurant and that it is about to close. My husband had the burger and it was ok. The fries were listed as fresh and hand cut but were obviously frozen. This was a huge disappointment.

  26. I ordered the veggie wrap there too and asked for no onions. I was told it would be okay, however all I was a soggy wrap with soggy red peppers on it, some wilted lettuce and some ranch dressing. The peppers were marniated and the ranch dressing congealed against them, it was sloppy, and gross. I too felt like Gordon Ramsey would be walking through the door ready to shut the place down. The fries as well were listed as hand cut but were clearly frozen. My mother had the buffett but regreted it because everything was cold and old. We were also surprised by the tables and chairs, they have nicer furnishing at a fast food restaurant. I am not sure if this is a fast casual restaurant, or a restaurant, all I know is that the food is in need of serious improvement and the atmosphere needs to be improved as well. The waiter we had was nice, said he loved everything on the menu and was trying hard but you could tell he felt like he was on a sinking ship. I notice that alot of the negative comments have been answered with ‘the chef was ill’ or we need time. I ate there on this past weekend and am wondering how much time is needed to take the customers seriously and make some improvements.

  27. Oh, Dear God……I was somewhat excited to visit this restaurant being that it replaced a favourite, Kelsey’s, until I ate there. I have had catered food better than this. The buffet was skimpy and sub par. The mashed potatoes had a thick crust on them under the blazing heat lamps and if you were lucky enough to scoop something out from under the crust the garlic-water-mash was too strong in garlic and lacked creaminess. Is that asking a lot….to have creamy mashed potatoes??? Being that most of the ribs were missing sauce, one can surmise that they are packaged, boiled and THEN “covered” in Bbq sauce. They veggies were frozen, straight from a bag….COME ON, at least serve FRESH vegetables (like asparagus…it IS in season and I bet cheap if bought locally, like a market. funny, we have one around the corner from this place) I was so unimpressed by such a lacking, same- old -buffet style place with such unimpressive food items, there was hardly any selection…..ribs, frozen trout, and roast beef shaved in a slicing machine. I will not return nor will I tell anyone to go, unless I don’t like them. PLEASE… the Food network and find out what is acceptable food. Good luck lasting more than a year…. p.s. powdered gravy is for weddings only!!!

  28. um dude, just cause it says “picture optional” doesn’t mean ya should. wiener.

  29. I just finished a meal at the StationMaster, and Im not sure if Angie has a pallete, because I found the food excellent! and with a full restaurant I think others did too. I can tell you that every-thing was home-made, because I ate at the Wayside last week and all the food tasted the same, bland and boring. And the last I checked (my neighbours farm asperagus) asparagus season doesnt start for 4 weeks. You should get out more. I live by the mall and every time I go past the place the parking lot is full. The negativity sounds like an employee from another restaurant

  30. Come on Angie, who does in fact work at another restaurant I believe…..
    Where the heck are you finding asparagus in season right now and I would think it would be hard to keep the quality nice on a buffet.
    My husband and I and 10 other family members dropped in for lunch a few Saturdays ago. We all had various menu items and EVERYTHING was tasty, hot and generous. The staff was awesome.
    We have been there for Sunday brunch and there was plenty of choices and everything came out fresh….the restaurant was too busy for anything to get a crust on it! I enjoyed everything I tried and will definately return.
    I honestly don’t know what people are expecting as far as tables and chairs…..knowing that this restaurant was received with all the Kelseys furniture gone…..I think they are comfortable and sensible for a busy restaurant.
    As far as selection on the buffet, wow folks how much more selection do you want?
    I agree with Darryl, this is not a Michael’s on the Thames but it is a wonderful family restaurant offering St. Thomas homemade food, at a reasonable price and a warm and inviting atmosphere. Well don StationMaster, we will return for sure!

  31. We at The StationMaster are committed to fresh, homemade food. We do boast the smallest freezer around because everything from soup, sauces, gravies are made from scratch. All valid concerns are not taken lightly. We have retrained our new kitchen staff on the veggie wrap, In response to a few other comments we are also aware there is a “smear” campaign out there from staff at other restaurants. This is very slanderous and unprofessional. Having served over 15,000 people in less then three months with alot of repeat customers, and hearing the comments from many stating ” a few people are saying not very nice things about this place, but WE are going back and telling them they are wrong” is very encouraging! If you have any issues ask to speak to me , I am there everyday. We are a family owned St Thomas business that has employed over 25 people. We are here for the long haul!
    Continuing to serve you
    The StationMaster

  32. Well I hope you all feel better now. I commend these people for taking a risk and opening a restaurant in such a bad economic time. I also know that the owners took a risk in hiring people who may not have been highly qualified for the job but were in need of a pay cheque and although they may not have been great at their job and may not even be working there any more because of it that pay cheque might have made a huge difference in their life. Ive been a server for many years and in the few times I have been to the station master I have noticed that the servers there take on many more tables then in an average restaurant so they arent going to be at your table with a kleenex every time you sneeze to wipe your nose but they are doing a damn good job with the work load they have been given. My food has always been hot, my service has always been good and the bill has always been reasonable. To those of you who dont like the decore…give them a break when a huge coporation like kelseys closes they take EVERYTHING…that being said the cost alone to put in walk in fridges and freezer would be outrageous among the many other kitchen appliances (dishwashers grills ovens stoves passes and vents). I would rather know that the kitchen is working with quality kitchen equipement than worry about how pretty my table is. I suggest that many of you on here get off your high horses and be friendly with your server when they approach your table. You’d be surprised what a difference that would make in the quality of service you receive. To Angie I work in another restaurant as well and would never bash a fellow restaurant online, you never know when your going to be hard up for a job or who your going to be working with in the future, have some compassion. Station master and cheryl best of luck to you keep up the great work and remember 10 out the 40,000 or more youve served aint so bad. :)

  33. OK, firstly I have to confess, I saw your comment but I was looking from behind the scenes of the website and didn’t know what you were commenting on. Secondly, I am a geek so of course I have my picture on it, you are lucky it wasn’t a picture of my leg (it has been known to happen). And thirdly, no offense taken because even if I had read this at the time in the right context, I still wouldn’t have been offended. It takes a lot to upset me ;)

  34. Ate here with the family early April 2011. Nothing fancy, but the food was very good, waitress was very pleasant & knowledgeable. We ordered of the menu and the food was fast and hot and the prices were lower than normal. Overall, a good experience and the food was worth the money. For what it’s worth, I would recommend more items on the menu and add some more train themed decorations or memorabelia since it is named the Station Master.

  35. You r so right the food is frozen for shear the fries r gravy is powder the potato r days olds from the day befor I know people how work there. But if you won’t a good place to eat go to me suszy when open

  36. My family ate at the Station Master last night. The fish on the buffet was awesome (had a panko batter on it). As well, you can’t beat the price. I ate there with my two children who are under the age of 5. The cost of the buffet was $2.99 each for the kids. The food was healthier and cheaper than what you could ever get at McDonald’s. I will make the Station Master our family’s, new family restaurant. Great food at a great price.

  37. You can’t even spell. Why should anyone listen to you.

  38. I am from out of town, but came to the StationMaster based on the reviews of some friends in St.Thomas. I have to say that the food was absolutely delicious! I will definitely make it a point to come back, and let everyone I can know that it is a great place to eat.

  39. I have eaten at the Station Master at least a dozen times. Every meal has been excellent with great service and the prices are very reasonable, especially their specials. I think the earlier posts should be removed as it is unfair to judge the restaurant harshly when they were just getting started. Keep up the good work Station Master. Your food is delicious and fresh and the desserts are yummy!!!