Red lights at night. What could they be?

Last night, many residents of St. Thomas spotted five red lights seemingly flying in formation heading North East. While some people say that flashing red lights could be seen, others are suggesting that they lights were actually pulsing rather than flashing. Either way, five aircraft flying in formation at night is an unusual enough event that people are asking what is going on.

With a little big of Google research it turns out that St. Thomas is not a stranger to flying lights. According to there have been three recorded strange occurrences in the last eleven years.

In 2000, a retired husband and wife spotted two rotating objects traveling into the wind with flashing every few seconds. This was during the day.

In 2003, a similar red light as seen last night was spotted. It appeared to be making sharp turns before it shot up into the night.

In 2009, a long white cylinder was spotted on July 4th. Because it was daylight the object was clearly seen traveling Northward.

These three reports are all from the although there are many other UFO reporting websites such as and In 2007, the Ottawa Citizen even suggested that Ontario had become the new hotspot for UFO sightings (

In 2002, the Ufology Research of Manitoba published that Toronto had 34 sightings and that the typical sighting lasted 15 minutes.

One of our own readers, Jim McHarg, filmed last nights nighttime maneuvers. The video can be viewed here (

Jim McHarg Video

What many people saw last night is unclear. It may have been the air force flying in formation back to a base, it may have been five weather balloons that just coincidentally were drifting in formation. I think we can take swamp gas out of the mix. Was it a close encounter of the first kind? We may never know but it certainly has fired the imagination of the St. Thomas residents who viewed last nights light show.

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  1. I saw the lights last night and cannot explain what they were. Five lights flying in an “L” formation, at first as bright as fireworks, and gradually dimming over a period of about 3 minutes. The lights seemed to change colour from orange to red to white and would strobe as the colours changed.
    It was about 21:45, and clear enough that the constellations could be seen. The lights travelled from south to north at what seemed to be a slow rate of speed…similar to a hot air balloon. No sound accompanied the lights.. so it wasn’t helicopters in formation, unless we now have some very sophisticated stealth technology that we haven’t been told about.
    One by one the lights went dim and faded out…very strange indeed. I wish I had taken the time to get my camera…but the phenomenon was so unusual that I didn’t want to leave the window and miss any of what was happening.

  2. craig strickland

    I live in st.thomas ont, and I have seen 38 u.f.o sightings since oct 2011 to present…..some lights that look like stars , moving in all directions ..others look like fireballs , in tringular forn, others in v formation….others look like stange birds on fire……