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St. Thomas Fire Muster

Canada’s Largest Fire Muster!

Bet you didn’t know that.

and I bet you didn’t know they have been at it for the last 28 years!


It’s time to show our appreciation to the AMAZING Men, Women and Families of our Fire Department!

Come out to Pinafore Park September 4&5 to watch the fire muster competitions
These are friendly games played by groups of firefighters, friends and spouses.
Traditionally these games were hosted by volunteer department
to bring together far reaching department for camaraderie.

Teams of 5 or 6 people with full turnout gear participate in firefighter skill based games
such as bucket races, burning school house, wheelbarrow races etc.

Firetruck Rodeo: This competition has drivers maneuvering there rigs around an obstacle course for best times.

Antique Apparatus: Awards for apparatus, judged on restoration, uniqueness, classes for years, type of apparatus and many more.

Hosted by the St. Thomas Professional Firefighters Assoc.

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Nathan Leeds

Nathan is originally from Cardiff, Wales, and was imported to Canada as a internet mail order groom in 1998 and has managed to avoid deportation ever since. Even though sometimes mis-interpreted, possibly to retaining a Welsh accent, he continues to try his best to make a difference to the community he has grown to love.

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Mary Lou Stanley says:

I will be there for the full two days. Enjoy every minute of it. Come visit me at the Serenity House Hospice display at the Fire Muster.