Talbot Trail of Yard Sales!!

It’s the Mother of all yard sales

Canada’s largest and longest, covering over 100 kilometres of Colonel Talbot’s main thoroughfare, now known as Highway 3 in Elgin County. This is the one “yard salers” prepare for all year, and only the most dedicated, experienced and committed will take on the challenge of conquering this behemoth fromWest Elgin to Bayham.

Yard Saling Tips

As “yardsaling” is serious business, here’s a list of tips to help you get the best deal, the coolest item or just a have a great day;

  1. Prepare and Pace Yourself. Stretch. Take a deep breath. Dress comfortably, and bring a hat, sunglasses and sunscreen. Bring a cooler with beverages in your vehicle. There’s over a 100 kilometres people – so much sale, and so little time
  2. Prepare Your Vehicle. Remember to fill up the tank and bring rope, tie-downs or bungee cords to secure purchased items. Although a pick up truck is the yard sale vehicle of preference, towed wagons or cargo racks can make any vehicle yard sale friendly.
  3. Organize Your Route. Pick a stretch within the 100 kilometres you feel will most likely have the items you’re looking for, and bring maps and brochures on potential side trips – lunch locations, washrooms, and the events you don’t want to miss
  4. Bring Change. Having a fistful of dollars (specifically Loonies) is always handy, and may help you get an item for less then you would think, just because you have exact change. The change jar you throw your pocket change in at home is always great for yard sales.
  5. Bring Bags. Re-use and Re-cycle grocery store plastic bags – or even better, come with reusable cloth bags to carry items back to your vehicle.
  6. Bring a Tape Measure. Especially if you have a furniture item in mind for a specific space – and you’ll also want to ensure it fits in your vehicle, or through your doorway and up those stairs!
  7. Bring Hand Sanitizer. Yard sale items aren’t necessarily the cleanest. You’ll want to be able to clean your hands after handling many items.
  8. Bring a Friend. It’s double the fun, and hey, you’ll need someone to help you carry all that great stuff. Remember, bragging rights aren’t possible if you don’t have anyone around to hear you!

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