This week at the market. Aug 21

This year is the first time since I was quite young that I have attended the market on a regular basis and I can’t believe how great this season is.

I am yet to meet Tricia, she seems to be somewhat of an elusive creature…I am led to believe it is because she is so busy, but I think she is sneaking behind the market building drinking the amazing coffee, eating tasty samosas, or a farmgate breakfast sandwich, all the while wearing one of Annie Adams Aprons and reading one of the books from the Library‘s stall.  It’s just one of the theories I am working on.

Let me tell you a bit about our visit, this week at the market we picked up…

  • Some more of those irresistible Uncle Dad‘s Pizzas! Honestly there isn’t a better tasting, quicker meal going! Only about 10 mins on the bbq
  • Super Sweet corn on the cob only $4.00 for a bakers doz. I know you can probably get cheaper at wal-mart or the superstore, but I like to think that the corn I am eating “grew up” around St.Thomas, hey I maybe even passed it in the car when it was a baby.
  • 3 peppers in a variety of colours, red, yellow, and purple…they also had orange, green and black!
  • Turkey pepperettes, from Oegema (don’t worry if you don’t know how to say it…just call it the Turkey Shoppe!) These have also become an “essential” item in our house
  • And no market trip would be complete without a stop at Spicers Stall. We picked up some fresh bread, kaisers, and a few of the 3 eyed alien cookies my kids love so much!

We sampled melons, pickles, and kielbasa. We saw friends and neighbours and it felt great being up and out of the house at 8:00!

If you have yet to visit the market this season, now is the perfect time and let me know what you thought!

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  1. i would have offered you “a tasting” of any of our heritage tomatoes or cherry tomatoes ….make McSmiths Organic Farm one of your stops …we have been at the St Thomas Farmers’ Market every weekend for the last few seasons ( except for the Saturaday of our daughter’s wedding last June)

    Thank you for supporting and promoting the market

  2. Usually there is a crowd around your stall…so I know its good stuff! Next week if the kids aren’t pulling me around I promise to say Hi! and I will definitely taste your tomatoes! and probably buy some too!