Tries hard, could do better.

Just under a year ago, when this website was started, the idea was to keep the residents and visitors to St. Thomas informed as to events and things to do in this great city. It hasn’t been easy, there has been and continues to be resistant from organizations who can’t be bothered to help advertise their events. There are only a limited numbers of hours in the day that we at the blog, can work on the blog. We have also found ourselves increasingly involved in the community with various ventures and events. Obstacles, yes, but obstacles that can and will be overcome.

With the latest evolution of the blog fresh on the website we are full of new ideas. Of course, when we get ideas, some of them work, some work well, and then there are the others that fail to take off. We are not discouraged by this, far from it. We hold true to the belief that we can make a difference to St. Thomas and will continue to try.

One of the issues that we have come to realise about the blog is that we have been rather myopic when it comes to events. While the events held in St. Thomas are incredibly important still, we have neglected events from outside the city limits. Port Stanley and London are but a stones throw away and have some great events but we have ignored them like the drunk uncle at the family reunion. No more we say. If you are aware of an event being held within an hours drive of St. Thomas, please let us know all the details. We say an hours drive because it covers a lot of space but not too much (we hope). It is also a distance that people may drive for an event. We are going to work on an easier way to submit this information but for now, you can simply email us.

We have a few more ideas on the horizon that we can’t talk about right now but we hope to reveal more very soon. At present we are busily working on the blog to finish the updating, tweak the tweaks and adjust things that need adjusting but keep your eyes on the blog as the news will be posted as soon as we can!

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  1. You guys have done and continue to do an amazing job. Every little bit helps and you have a nice network of contributors that take pride in your site, the blog and its mission.
    Keep up the great work.

  2. I’ve said all along that you are to be commended for stepping into what was a big void of local online information. We saw website redesigns from the city and the library last year and this blog has played a part in the growing understanding of the importance and value of online channels for communication.

    I work in this online world so I feel qualified to say that you’ve done an excellent job of balancing your lives with this commitment you’ve taken on, slowly developing a brand and a voice and letting the site grow organically without straying from your goal.

    Your expanded coverage area makes sense to me; these are places that are part of life in St. Thomas.

    If at some point you’re able to make a living doing this, it will be a fair reward for filling this void.