We love you and we want you to know it!

We know you are wonderful and we want to reward you for being as wonderful as you! You know the Classifieds section? We just opened it, and well, it hasn’t been THAT busy but we would like it to be more busy, I mean busier. There are several ways to do this, but the way that makes us feel warm and fuzzy inside is the way to go. From now on, thats today (29th of July 2010) until the end of the world (either sometime in 2012 if you believe the movie, or a lot lot later than that) Classifieds will be free to post, that is free as in put no money down, don’t pay any interest, don’t pay any monthly payments, and no money at the end of the contract. There is no contract, there is no fee, there is no spoon!

Just post your classifieds (they will be up for 15 days) and lets see what happens. Remember 15 days free for a classified ad. There isn’t anywhere else in St. Thomas that can do that for you!

Oh, and Happy Thursday!

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