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At Under The Umbrella there is always something new and exciting happening. With weekly promotions, new creations, fundraising events and special programs there is a lot to keep up with. 

I decided to make this blog entry so that you can catch up on what is going on and join in the fun at the same time.

 March break Stained Glass program for the kids. I still have spaces available, be sure to check out www.undertheumbrella.biz for details. 

Current Fundraisers:

 The Caring Pet Cupboard: I have created a stained glass dog paw and bone that Julie and I are selling these pieces to raise funds for dogs and cats that need food, medical attention and more.  These items sell for $5.00 and $2.50 goes to the charity. As of march 6th we have raised $15.00.  Be sure to check out my website for more details and help support this cause.

 Heart & Stroke Fundraiser: I am selling stained glass hearts to raise fund for this very important cause. There are several different sizes, styles and colors to choose from. The Hearts start as low as $8.00 and $1.00 from every Heart goes to the charity. As of march 6th I have raised $20.00. Buy a Heart and Save A Heart.

 The Caring Cupboard Food Bank, St. Thomas: For this fundraiser, I have created a stained glass shamrock. This is your opportunity to get some luck and share some at the same time. These shamrocks sell for $10.00 and $3.00 goes to the charity. So far I have raised $3.00

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 Thanks for visiting Under The Umbrella for all your stained glass needs and so much more.

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  1. I just want to let all of St.Thomas and area know that the “N” scale train layout at the Elgin Mall has moved. It’s closer to the food court now in the old doller store. They have lots of room for both visitors and volenteers. If anyone has spare time and would like to work on a very large model train layout, just show up. That’s the only requirement. Oh yes, and wear a pleasent smile.