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Good morning you wonderful ladies and gentlemen. As you may or may not have noticed, the St. Thomas Blog has gone through yet another change. We are sorry to say that this change wasn’t quite as painless as previous ones. Due to some software issues, we apparently spammed the world, or at least Facebook. As a result, Facebook closed the St. Thomas Blog Update Machine and locked my account. We also lost 13 friends who decided that we were just no good spammers who were spamming events.

Fingers crossed that everything has been fixed now and measures have been taken to ensure that a reaccurance of such spam will not and cannot happen again. While it increases the amount of work to be done at the back end of the website, it is a small price to pay.

So what is new? Well, the appearance of the Blog has been upgraded, with a new colour scheme, layout and content. The previous calendar system, which was not as reliable as previously thought, has been replaced with a newer one that is capable to displaying more information. Fingers crossed this software doesn’t become a super spam monster!

We have focused a little more on animals for adoption on the front page. We hope that this will encourage kind hearted animal lovers to, if not adopt, then foster these sweet cats and dogs and to give them the love they so rightly deserve.

Recipes have also appeared on the front page, as apparently everybody eats and home made cooking is becoming more popular again. The only issue with the recipes is that they will induce mouth watering.

Those folks that contribute regularly to the Blog can now be found in a column named, wait for it, regulars, and thanks to the wonderful Dragon Design, the column will now automatically sort the order of contributors based upon recent posts. This may not appear to be a cool thing to you but to me, it is really cool.

You may notice that we no longer use a menu system at the top of each page. This is an experiment to see if one is actually needed and we will base any development on feedback we gather. At the bottom of each page we continue to list useful websites for around St. Thomas. We will continue to add links as we come across them.

So that is about that right now. We still hope that some of your can contribute to the Blog, be it with mouth watering recipes, articles, events, reviews of movies or books. Pretty much, if you write it, we’ll share it. With over 2000 Facebook friends, you are sure to be read.

We are continuing to develop the website although the major work has now been completed.

Let us know what you think as we do value your opinion. Enjoy your Sunday!


Nathan Leeds

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