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HELP!!! PLEASE HELP!! The St. Thomas City Pound is jammed with wonderful dogs…..labs, shepherds, Cattledogs, Jack Russells. There are 14 dogs at the pound as of Sunday July 17th….far too many dogs for All Breed Canine Rescue to help all at once. Some of the dogs have been caged since June 10. The City does not provide vet care or temperament assessments, and the dogs are caged a minimum of 16 hours a day with no toys or exercise. Some of the dogs there the longest are getting very frustrated with being caged for so long, and exhibiting behaviour and health problems due to stress. Here’s the real heartbreaker… of the dogs, a beautiful lab/husky named Blueberry, is sick with heartworm. Her treatment will cost $800 or more.
How can you help? Be a foster home, or adopt a homeless dog today. Or donate to help us pay for vet care at Beaver Creek Animal Hospital at 519-637-0966….or donate towards boarding costs to get these dogs to a less hostile environment. Every dollar counts and go 100% directly to saving the dogs’ lives. Email for more information to

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The St. Thomas Blog – Follow The Elephant

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