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Not drinking and driving should be obvious to anyone older enough to drink or drive. There have been countless advertising campaigns for this. The message is ever where and yet the data from the Ministry of Transportation is clear. 25% of all fatal car accidents in Ontario are caused by alcohol.  I don’t want to lose friends to accidents, or have friends causing an accident, because of alcohol.

St. Thomas is a wonderful city, and one that should be small enough to get around either by stumbling around, or by taxi for a reasonable cost. I believe we are incredibly lucky with the number and quality of the bars and restaurants in St. Thomas and to not take advantage of this would be silly but it would be even more silly to drink and drive.

From one Elephant, supporting another, please do not drink and drive. It isn’t worth it, ever! Lets keep the population of St. Thomas safe and happy.

Please visit Deflate the Elephant and make sure you stay alive.

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