Submarines & Bridges by Nathan

There are two news stories at the moment concerning objects going cheap. One, a submarine that may be going to Port Stanley, or Port Burwell, or Port St. Thomas which has apparently become a lakeside city. The other story, a rather large railway bridge that’s already in St. Thomas. I may be wrong, after all I am married, but I believe that both are being sold for the grand price of a dollar each. Now, I don’t often make it to every single dollar store in the city but I am pretty sure I would have noticed if they had a sign that said ‘One slightly used submarine $1 plus tax’. I remember things like that, probably because I am still a boy at heart and still love all things military, mechanical and cool.

I understand the reasoning why each large piece of metal are going for a bargain but what I don’t quite understand is why there is any debate or question as to what should happen. Failing a canal being dug between here and the lake I would suggest that Port Stanley is the best landing, or rather docking place for HMCS Ojibwa. Not being a ‘beach person’ I still appreciate Port Stanley for what it is, its just that sometimes, I wish it was a little bit more of something. Please don’t get me wrong, I like Port Stanley a lot but it is a shame that there isn’t more there, for while the summer days are busy, other times of the year probably don’t get the same amount of visitors as perhaps the residents of Port Stanley might wish for. An attraction such as a submarine may not attract thousands of visitors every day but it would be a great addition. Something that could be open nearly every day of the year.

The bridge on the other hand is pretty much going to be located where it already is, barring a last minute deal for a lot of scrap metal. While St. Thomas does have a wonderful history of being the center of Canadian Railways, its present isn’t as glorious, with tracks being lifted up and less trains running through the city. Soon, Thomas the Tank Engine will be taking children down the roads rather than the tracks. Surely the bridge is a very large reminder of those glory days now past, and one that should be looked after and stay as a symbol of those great days.  Trains are almost as ‘cool’ as submarines, jet planes and Aston Martins. Boys, both young and old are always drawn towards such objects as they are the objects of dreams when young. What boys didn’t want to grow up and be a train driver, or a pilot or James Bond? If the city looses more of its heritage then St. Thomas will be best known as that place that has the same name as that vacation destination in the Virgin Isles.

Of course, this is just my opinion, a transplant from a foreign land who has fallen in love with the city he lives in. A 40 year old child who still is thrilled by fast cars, loud fighter planes, steam trains, and slick submarines. I am sure I am not the only one who feels this way, I hope I am not because if I am, then life may just become a little more duller in the near future.

I should point out that I first wanted to suggest putting the under carriage of a train under the submarine and then having the tracks extended into the lake. Just imagine bordering the tra.. I mean submarine-train at St. Thomas and riding down to Port and, without stopping, submerging into the lake. I did want to suggest that but even I can see that it would be too silly as I am sure you are not allowed on train tracks with torpedoes!

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