What’s your take?

(This is an image of a submarine race)

Port Stanley wants it, and so does Port Burwell and now it seems St.Thomas is jumping aboard (pardon the pun) the idea of parking the HMCS Ojibwa nearby.

I don’t know much about nautical history in the area so I am really not qualified to debate the merits of any of these sites. I am sure it is the kind of thing many people do have opinions about and I would love to hear yours!

I kinda like the idea of Port Stanley myself.

I think we here in St.Thomas have a hard enough time doing our railway heritage justice and we probably need to think twice before grabbing at something because there is a chance for money to be made. I think the development potential in Port Stanley is there, especially if the submarine were to occupy the unused berm area near little beach. Port Stanley needs more than just the beach to attract visitors and I think now is the time to get something going there. I don’t know if people would be more likely to visit the beach at Port Burwell if the Submarine were there so I don’t know if they could bring more visitors to the site than Port Stanley. I think you have to look at what is the best for the communities as well as what is best for preserving this piece of naval heritage. It needs to be seen and visited, not OWNED by a community just so that they can say “We beat out two other communities to get this”

What’s your take?

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  1. I like the idea of Port Stanley mainly because I grew up there and I think an attraction such as this could bring some life back in to the village.

    That being said I also remember the time of the ferry and the hopes that that would also improve the tourism industry, and where is that ferry sitting now?

    I think that the costs as well as the benefits should be carefully considered.

  2. I like the idea of Port Stanley as well.

    I don’t know about Port Burwell; this seems a little off the beaten path (unless things have changed considerably in the last 20 years).

    St. Thomas? What???? Just where would they place a submarine in St. Thomas, and what significance might the maritimes have to do with a railroad town (in a direct sense anyway)?

    I’m going to have to read up some more about this vessel and it’s history. Where was it stationed and what was it’s role? Have any local residents every served on board?