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Movie Review – The Ice Harvest

Two friends decide to steal some money from their employer, who runs strip joints, but once they have the money pretty much everything goes wrong. Jon Cusack, Billy Bob Thornton and Connie Nelson star in this black comedy that reminds the viewer of Fargo and A Simple Plan. The plot …

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Book Review – Ice Station Zebra – Alistair MacLean

An urgent rescue mission by submarine to the Arctic to rescue the survivors of the weather station that caught fire turns into something more disturbing as they get to Ice Station Zebra. One of Alistair MacLean‘s most famous books, Ice Station Zebra, changes from tense submarine thriller, to Arctic survival …

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Book Review – A Cage Of Ice – Duncan Kyle

A wrongly addressed envalope drags an doctor into a chase across the Arctic ice to kidnap or rescue a Russian scientist whose work might alter the world for the betterment of Russia. In 1970, this book dealt with the possible problems caused by greenhouse gases and global warming. While the …

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Book Review – The Third Twin – Ken Follett

A scientist looking for a link between identical twins and crime discovers twins born to different mothers, and finds herself in more danger than she could ever have expected. The Third Twin follows the usual pattern of Ken Follett‘s books, a strong, intelligent woman is the main character and as …

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