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Book Review -The QE2 Is Missing – Harry Harrison

Millions of dollars in diamonds. Nazi war criminals. South American dictators. Deranged freedom fighters. All on the Queen Elizabeth 2. Its going to be a very interesting cruise. A thriller about two South American dictators who want to rid their countries of free speech, bankrolled by Nazi`s who want a …

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Book Review – Gorky Park – Martin Cruz Smith

Three bodies, faceless and missing fingertips, are found in Gorky Park, Moscow. A police detective investigates, expecting the KGB to take over the investigation at any moment, and gets drawn into a tangled web of lies, money, and not knowing who to trust. Arkady Renko is a police investigator who, …

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Book Review – King Con – Stephen J Cannell

A conman who is viciously beaten by a mob boss after being found cheating at cards plots his revenge, aided by a prosecutor who failed to get the mob boss put away. Stephen J Cannell is a man who is responsible for many tv shows including The A-Team, 21 Jump …

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Movie Review – Miami Vice

Two undercover Miami cops get pulled into an undercover operation that maybe over their heads. A “re-imaging” of the classic, and some might say, kitschy 80s TV show that was almost as much about pastel coloured clothes and fast cars as it was about crime. That statement does do the …

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Book Review – The Lincoln Lawyer – Michael Connelly

A defense attorney who doesn’t use an office, but rather Lincoln Town cars to meet his clients gets a big case, a case that will pay him handsomely but one that will make him question who is evil and who is innocent. Michael Connelly‘s first courtroom drama is a blockbuster. …

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