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Book Review – Badwater – Clinton McKinzie

A young boy is drowned and the tourist who was involved is accused of murder. Into this already dangerous situation walks Antonio Burns, struggling to see his daughter, struggling to be a cop, and struggling in life. This is the fifth Clinton McKinzie featuring the climbing cop Antonio Burns and …

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Book Review – Dangerous Ground – Larry Bond

An ex-pilot uses a family connection to get into the submarine training system. He ends up aboard the USS Memphis which is Captained by a hard driving tyrant. The submarine, along with two female technicians are given a highly sensative mission which does not yield the expected results. Larry Bond‘s …

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Movie Review – The Matador

A salesman and a hitman meet up in a bar in Mexico. The salesman, down on his luck, needs his luck to change. The hitman, is a little off kilter and has time to kill. A friendship forms and lives change. Pierce Brosnan & Greg Kinnear star as the hitman …

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Book Review – Raising Atlantis – Thomas Greanis

Earthquakes in Antarctica draws the attention of the US Military, the Vatican and even some terrorists. What they find is a huge pyramid buried under the thick ice. What lies within the pyramid could answer every question about the birth of humans, but it might also wipe out every human …

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Book Review – Homefront – Chuck Logan

To help in the healing of his wife’s wounds, both physical and mental, ex-cop Phil Broker move himself, his wife, Nina Pryce (ex- Delta Forces) and their 8 year old daughter Kit, to a small town in North Minnesota. He plans on a quiet time which will help everyone recover …

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