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Book Review – Pirate – Ted Bell

When France and China decide to join forces to make a grab for oil in the middle east, only one man stands in their way. Alex Hawke is thrust into the middle of a potential nuclear conflict with France being lead by a direct descendant of Napoleon and the Chinese …

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Book of the Day – Ice Station – Matthew Reilly

Scientist at a station in the antarctic discover what appears to be a spacecraft frozen in the ice deep below the station in a half water filled cave. While a team of US marines make their way to the station, half of the scientists disappear while diving to see the …

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Movie Review – Constantine

A war is being waged between Heaven and Hell. This is the story of those caught in the middle. John Constantine has been to hell, and now is doing what he can to avoid going back. Given a gift to see what others can’t he battles those who might cross …

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