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Movie of the Day – Basic

Basic is the tale of six Rangers and their training officer go into the Pamana jungle on a training mission in the middle of a hurricane but only two of the trainees come out of the jungle alive, one badly wounded. When the un-wounded soldier is questioned he requests to …

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Movie of the Day – Where Eagles Dare

Where Eagles Dare An allied commando force, parachute into Germany to rescue an American General who has been captured. This general knows when and where the ‘second front’ will take place, and if the germans get this information from him, the war will be extended by years. Alistair MacLean wrote …

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Movie Of the Day – The Day The Earth Caught Fire

The potential end of the world from the view point of a newspaper reporter. The two world superpowers (US and USSR) detonate the biggest nuclear tests ever, unknowingly at the same time, with the effect being that the earths rotation changes. As Sci Fi movies go, TDTECF is a strange …

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