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Book Review – Eye of the needle – Ken Follett

From the Publisher One enemy spy knows the secret if the Allies’ greatest deception, a brilliant aristocrat and ruthless assassin–code name: Another world war II thriller, as the athorities chase down the one man who can stop the allied invasion of Europe. Tense, fast paced and well written!

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Movie Review – Sahara

OK, I am biased, I loved Clive Cussler books, including Sahara so I was a little concerned about seeing this. I shouldn’t have been. Its greeeeeeeeeeeaaaat. I didn’t think the movie lagged at all, had great music, action, humour everything infact that one might want from a movie. Dirk Pitt …

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Book Review – The Defender by Bill Mesce Jr

From the Publisher In the critically acclaimed novels The Advocate and Officer of the Court, Bill Mesce Jr. introduced readers to a new hero in the world of military suspense. The Defender is the electrifying tale of Major Harry Voss’s most riveting case yet: a wartime court-martial that could cost …

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