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Book Review – Night Over Water – Ken Follett

Set at the start of world war 2, a sea plane is flying from England to America. On board the passengers include a gangster, a thief, a scientist, a facist. Ken Follett takes over 100 pages to devlope the characters before getting into the action of this 500 page thriller. …

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Movie Review – Sin City

Highly stylised (mainly black and white, with colour thrown in for effect) and violent as hell. All star cast making this a very cool movie. Should do well. Definatly a DVD to buy…. wanna see it again!

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Book Review – Excavation – James Rollins

From the Publisher The South American Jungle Guards Many Secrets… and a remarkable site nestled between two towering Andean peaks, hidden from human eyes for thousands years. Dig Deeper… through layers of rock and mystery, through centuries of dark, forgotten legends. Into Ancient Catacombs… where ingenious traps have been laid …

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Book Review – The Monkey's Raincoat – Robert Crais

Bought the book because a later book caught my eye and I figured best to start at the begining. Also is the author of the book that Hostage is based on! Elvis Cole, detective. Not bad, not great, but readable, some clever writing, enjoyable. Will have to get the next …

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