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Book Review – Dead Men Rise Up Never

From the Publisher Murder is afoot in the tropical climes of the Florida Keys—Peter Falconer, the son of wealthy parents who stands to gain a fortune in inheritance on his 30th birthday, is missing and presumed dead. Ex-Army investigator Daniel Shaw, who is currently studying law and preparing for the …

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Book Review – Jackdaws – Ken Follett

From the Publisher D-Day is approaching. They don’t know where or when, but the Germans know it’ll be soon, and for Felicity “Flick” Clariet, the stakes have never been higher. A senior agent in the ranks of the Special Operations Executive (SOE) responsible for sabotage, Flick has survived to become …

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Book Review – No Second Chance by Harlan Coben

From the Publisher When the first bullet hit my chest, I thought of my daughter… Marc Seidman awakens to find himself in an ICU, hooked up to an IV, his head swathed in bandages. Twelve days earlier, he had an enviable life as a successful surgeon, living in a peaceful …

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Movie Review – A Time to Kill

Read the book first and thought wow, this is a very powerful, slightly disturbing book that reminded me of another classic book, To Kill a Mockingbird. The movie adaptation of the book definatly does the book justice. The casting is pretty damn amazing. If I had had to pick actors …

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Book Review – Twisted by Jeffery Deaver

From the Publisher A beautiful woman goes to extremes to rid herself of her stalker; a daughter begs her father not to go fishing in an area where there have been a series of brutal killings; a contemporary of the playwright William Shakespeare vows to avenge his family”s ruin; and …

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