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Nothing wrong with a little Rusty

Rusty is 6 years old. He hasn’t had the greatest life so far. We are looking for a very special adopteer for this little guy. Rusty’s previous owner did his best, but simply could not provide the vet care and quality food Rusty needed. We agreed to take Rusty into …

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Take the Mickey

Mickey is 16 lbs and a young 2 years old. He is a super handsome chocolate colour. Mickey is very bright and very confident. He gets along best with female dogs, and would love to be the only dog in the house as he is happy getting lots of attention. …

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Take it to the Max

Max is 7 yrs old (and you sure wouldn’t know it!) and 12 lbs. He is a ball of energy, very confident, very friendly, and lots of fun. Max gets along with other dogs, but is a cat chaser so cannot live with cats. He has not been tested with …

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Everything is just Ducky

Ducky is 5 yrs old and 15 lbs. She is a super smart dog, very confident, very active. Ducky can be bossy with other dogs (she thinks of herself as a princess diva, smile), so she will do best in a home as the only dog, or perhaps with a …

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Oh Donna

Donna is a wonderful dog. She is a miniature poodle, 4 yrs old, 12 lbs. She has a lovely personality, good with dogs and cats and children. Donna is super smart, very obedient, extremely active, and very people friendly. Donna has been heartworm tested, vaccinated, dewormed, treated with Revolution, and …

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