2012-04-28 – Intoxicated Persons

On Friday evening and into the early morning hours of Sunday morning St. Thomas Police were kept busy with intoxicated persons. In total, seven people were arrested for being intoxicated in a public place in various locations in the City as they were unable to care for themselves. One of these was a 15 year old female who cannot be identified. All were released when they became sober.

Domestic Disturbance

On Friday evening St. Thomas Police attended north side residence regarding a domestic dispute. Upon arrival it was learned that a 36 year old male had been involved with an argument with his spouse which then became physical. The man also caused some damage inside the home during the incident. The male was arrested and charged with one count of assault and one count of mischief to property and was held for court. The victim was not injured as a result.

Males arrested

On Friday afternoon a 29 year old male was walking along Talbot Street in the area of Princess and Talbot. As he passed by a business he observed a cat inside and punched the window to startle it. The 52 year old business owner observed this and went outside to confront the male. Words were exchanged between the two which resulted in the 29 year old male punching the 52 year old in the face. The 52 year old male took exception to this and then pulled out a pocket knife and waved it at the 29 year old male in a threatening manner. The 52 year old male then left the area and had a citizen call 911. Upon police arrival, both men were arrested and face charges. The 29 year old male has been charged with assault and breach of probation while the 52 year old male has been charged with assault with a weapon and weapons dangerous. Both were later released on a future court date.

Male arrested on Warrant

On Friday afternoon a 45 year old male was arrested on an outstanding warrant. The male was later released with a future court date.

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