2012-05-17 – Mother charged under Smoke Free Ontario Act

On Wednesday May 16, 2012 St Thomas Police received a complaint from a concerned citizen regarding an adult female smoking inside of a vehicle while her small child occupied the passenger seat. Shortly after 12:00PM police located the vehicle on Talbot Street. The female was charged under the “smoke free Ontario act”. She was issued a $155.00 provincial offences ticket.

Youth arrested for breaching release order

On Wednesday May 16, 2012 St Thomas Police arrested and charged a 16 year old youth for breaching a condition of his undertaking interim release order by failing to notify police an address change. The youth was held at police headquarters pending a Thursday May 17 2012 court appearance.

Illegal conduct leads to criminal charges

During the past several weeks St. Thomas Police have been investigating several Criminal Harassment complaints involving threatening and harassing behaviour by a person residing in St. Thomas. Many of the complaints stemmed from constant videotaping with subsequent downloading of the material to the internet. During the videotaping, veiled threats and encouragement to commit further harassment against the victims were alleged to have been made. As a result investigation, search warrants were conducted at a South end residence on May 16th 2012. Police have charged Christopher Whitcroft a 34 year old St Thomas resident with Criminal Harassment, Mischief and three (3) counts of possessing a controlled substance. In addition, police have charged the accused persons female common law partner, Tiffany Butler with three (3) counts of possessing a controlled substance.
Christopher Whitcroft was held overnight at police headquarters pending a Thursday May 17, 2012 court appearance. Tiffany Butler was released on conditions that included a future court date.

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  1. It’s about time someone got cited for this disgusting habit. It’s one thing to smoke outside of your home and vehicle but to do it inside a vehicle or home where young children do not have a choice is abuse in my opinion. Such a nasty habit.

  2. I am so glad to hear someone being charged for disrespecting their children’s choice!!! I’ve seen so many people smoking with their children in their car and I have to wonder “what are you thinking?”

  3. As a smoker with 2 children (3yrs, & 9months) I have the following to say
    1) kudos to the police for the citation!!
    2) shame on the woman for smoking in the car with her kid/s
    3) I do not nor will I ever smoke with my kids in the car, so any other smoker can do the same!
    4) this is for “Butt Out” there are people out there with far worse habits than smoking, I don’t try to push my habit on anyone! It’s my habit so keep your opinions about it to yourself please.