2012-05-18 – Holiday law crackdown

Police will be on the lookout for stores that shouldn’t be open on Victoria Day (May 21, 2012). Retailers are bound by strict rules on statutory holidays, such as Victoria Day, when only certain types and sizes of stores are allowed to open. Officers will be on the lookout for retailers that are non-compliant. Stores with no more than 2400 square feet, and less than three (3) employees working are allowed to open if they sell food items, tobacco, antiques, handicrafts, gasoline, or gardening supplies. The retail business holidays act does not apply to restaurants, bars or tourist destinations. Smaller pharmacies, less than 7500 square feet can stay open, only for drug dispensing .Penalties under the act include fines up to $50,000 or a gross amount of the daily sales. “Sectioning off (an area) to make it comply with square footage regulations is also not allowed.

Female arrested for outstanding warrant

Shortly after 10:00AM Thursday May 17, 2012 a 29 year old female was arrested on an outstanding warrant for theft. The accused was held overnight at police headquarters pending a Friday May 18, 2012 court appearance.

Suspended driver

On Thursday May 17, 2012 St Thomas Police conducted a traffic stop on Sunset Drive. A police check on the 50 year old male driver revealed his driver’s licence was suspended. He was issued a summons to appear in court and his vehicle towed to a storage compound.

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