2012-06-01 – Attempt break and enter

St Thomas Police are investigating an attempt break and enter that occurred at a Curtis Street residence sometime between 4:30PM and 6:45PM Thursday June 1, 2012. Anyone with information is asked to contact the St Thomas Police Service at 159-631-1364 or Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-8477.

Residents warned for shooting pellet gun

On Thursday May 31, 2012 St Thomas Police attended a St Joseph Street residence regarding a by-law infraction. Police say shortly after 9:30PM occupants of the home were observed shooting a pellet gun at light standards. Strict warnings were given to the occupants. Police are reminding citizens not to discharge firearms within the city of St Thomas or they will receive $ 125.00 by-law tickets, or face criminal prosecutions for damaging property.

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